17 Oct

Somerset Cheese School Launches!

NEW! Somerset Cheese School launches & first dates announced!

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If you just love your cheese then you can’t go wrong with a trip down to Somerset for some seriously cheesy shenanigans with the very best people in the cheese business!

That’s right, here at Cricketer Farm we’ve been beavering away to launch the Somerset Cheese School alongside cheese legend Juliet Harbutt and Bridgewater College, and we’ve now announced dates and info. So, grab a cracker and slice of the good stuff and read on (booking details below)…

Somerset Cheese School logo
Somerset Cheese School Q&A 

We asked Greg Parsons, MD of Cricketer Farm and the brains behind Cheeky Cow cheese, all about it:

Who is the Somerset Cheese School for? 
CHEESE LOVERS of course! Whether you are starting a career in cheese, looking to improve your existing cheese business or want blow away your friends with some seriously cheesy knowledge, then this is definitely the course for you!

Who are the lovely people who’ve created this holy Cheese grail?
Juliet has spent more than 30 years educating and inspiring cheese lovers, retailers, buyers, cheesemakers and chefs around the world so she definitely nose (geddit?!) her cheese. As for us, we’ve been making great British cheese since 1940 here at Cricketer Farm HQ, nestled among the foothills of the stunning Quantock Hills. Bridgewater College are behind the certification of the courses and also host them at their Cannington Centre. It’s a truly stunning part of the world so where better to learn all about some of the best cheese out there!?

What cheeses will people be sniffing and tasting?
Each of the courses focus on the 7 main types of cheese from around the world, helping you understand and categorise these cheeses and determine if a cheese is ripe, in good condition, its strength of flavour and how it behaves when cooked. Also, how best to match the cheese to wine, cider and other complementary food & drink.

I’m just a cheese lover who wants to improve my knowledge, so which is the best course for me?
There are two to pick from:

Cheese for Cheese Lovers: Our first Cheese for Cheese Lovers course runs on Friday 16th January 2015, providing the perfect Christmas or birthday pressie to help your cheese loving friends and family get through the dark, gloomy winter. Nothing like a mouthful of cheese and a few tipples of cider & wine to put a smile back on your face hey!!?

Sign up and you will enjoy a day spent discovering everything you have ever wanted to know about cheese but were afraid to ask, plus a whole lot more. It’s like a wine tasting without the hangover, designed to dispel the myths and misconceptions about cheese, enable you to serve the best cheeseboard ever and impress your friends, family, colleagues and clients with your knowledge.  Download the Cheese for Cheese Lovers course PDF or visit this page for more information.

Fermented Friends: This is all about having fun and takes place on Thursday 15th January, the evening before Cheese for Cheese Lovers, at the 15th century Blackmore Farmhouse near Cricketer Farm HQ where you’ll discover what does, or doesn’t, match with your favourite red, pale ale or cider. Be warned, this is not for those who think cider comes from a tin or cheese in strings!

What about if I want to work or already work in the cheese industry?
You’re best to start with Cheese 101 (3 day course for anyone serious about Cheese) and progress to Cheese 102 (2 day course for Cheese Professionals). In Cheese 101 we’ll teach you how to taste, describe and handle cheese to bring out their best. Cheese 102 will then build on this knowledge, focusing on handling and selling cheese and providing inspiration and ideas for new and existing cheese businesses. Download the Somerset Cheese School PDF for details. We will generally try to group both Cheese 101 and Cheese 102 so within 5 days, you’ll be a cheese pro beyond your wildest dreams!

How do I enquire or book onto a course?
Juliet is the best person for any specific enquiries (cheese@thecheeseweb.com | 01608 659 325) but if you want to book then contact us here at Cricketer Farm (cheese-school@cricketerfarm.co.uk | 01278 732 084).


Bridgewater College Press release (Oct ’14):

Somerset Cheese School launches!

After a successful pilot in the summer, the Somerset Cheese School will launch this month, running at Bridgwater College’s Cannington Centre by world-renowned cheese expert Juliet Harbutt, in partnership with Cricketer Farm.

The Cheese School, which is the first of its kind in the country will see Juliet, who is also Chairman of the British Cheese Awards, run the sessions for anyone who buys, sells, makes, or just loves cheese! The sessions will be held at both the Cannington Centre and nearby Farmhouse Cheese producer’s Cricketers Farm, whilst attendees can stay in the College’s accommodation.

Jeremy Kerswell, Head of Land-based Studies at Bridgwater College said, “With such a rich heritage of delivering training and education across the Food and Drink sector at Cannington, we’re delighted to be part of this exciting initiative.”

The first courses for those who already or want to work with cheese run throughout the week of Monday 27 October 2014. For cheese lovers, the first course will be held on the 16th January 2015.

For more information about studying the Food Technology and Business Management course or the Food Industry Skills Apprenticeship at Bridgwater College please contact our Information and Guidance team on 01278 441234 or visit www.bridgwater.ac.uk.