05 Nov

Salt reduction doesn’t mean compromising on taste

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In advance of his Food Matters Live 2015 talk this month (details here), Cheeky Cow’s MD Greg Parsons tells us how a recipe makeover in January this year proved just how easy it is to reduce salt yet maintain taste in every day staple foods such as cheese.

Critical to the success of any ‘healthier’ product is that it’s comparable with the regular version in both taste and price, helping entice customers away from their shopping habits and pre-conceptions.

Already creating healthy cheddar that delivers a flavour, texture and functionality that rivals standard cheddar, the makers of Cheeky Cow Half Fat Cheese have now also been able to respond to the growing health concerns surrounding salt thanks to the unique OneGrain mineral salt, made by AkzoNobel, one of the world’s leading salt manufacturers.

“With the health agenda at the heart of our business, we were adamant not to rest on our laurels so, driven by the ‘DOH Responsibility Deal’ pledges, we set about reducing salt in our recipes” confirmed Cheeky Cow Cheese MD Greg Parsons.

However, when it comes to both the flavour and the shelf-life of a typical cheese, salt remains a vital ingredient so the Cheeky Cow Cheese team tested various salt replacement products. The winning solution proved to be OneGrain mineral salt, which is a like-for-like replacer of regular salt that helps reduce the typical sodium content of a product by as much as 50%, while maintaining taste & functionality.

“It’s not complicated to do thanks to products like OneGrain so this is something we strongly believe all food manufacturers should be doing for the benefit of the nation’s health.”

“The UK’s daily consumption of salt is still at around 8g, versus the Department of Health’s recommended intake of no more than 6g a day” added Greg. “So by using OneGrain mineral salt, not only were we able to reduce Cheeky Cow’s salt content by a very significant 30% but all our consumer feedback and research confirmed that there was no discernable difference in taste, texture and most importantly the enjoyment of Cheeky Cow cheese. We were able to achieve a holy cheese grail if you like – a tasty, everyday cheddar with not only less fat & salt but more calcium and protein, all made with delicious British milk.”

Testament to the fact that healthy products can indeed take on their standard, or in this case full fat, peers, Cheeky Cow Cheese has achieved a national UK supermarket listing from September 2015.

Greg Parsons will be presenting the Cheeky Cow story at Food Matters Live Reformulate with purpose: marketing better-for-you in practice’ seminar on Tuesday 17th November, 13:00 – 14:30, Room 27.



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