22 Jan

Proud to be part of the Change 4 Life ‘Smart Swaps’ campaign

Change4Life - Smart Swaps logoCheeky Cow is the only cheese involved in the Department of Health’s current Smart Swaps campaign as part of their ‘Change 4 Life’ brand. You might have seen the ads already, and it sees the lovely Cheeky Cow Cheese sit alongside national Smart Swaps brand partners such as Tesco, ASDA, Lidl, Flora and McCain, among others.

The campaign’s aim is to encourage families to simply swap regularly purchased products with a healthier alternative, rather than cutting out some food types altogether that actually offer health benefits. For example swap full fat cheese for half and low fat.

Visit https://smartswaps.change4life.co.uk/ to sign up



Smart Swap is a registered trade mark of the Licensor and is used under licence.