16 Aug

Cheese saltier than seawater – should you worry?

Eat Less Salt picture
As reported in the Telegraph, a salty diet ’causes 1.6 million deaths worldwide each year.

When you’ve been hand crafting cheddar for decades like we have, you get to know what makes a good cheese (at least we like to think!) and one unavoidable ingredient in the cheese making process is indeed salt.

Let’s face it, it is hard to make cheese without the stuff, but that’s not to say you can’t take a step back and re-think things.

We’ve been producing standard cheddar alongside healthy cheese – from reduced fat cheeses to half fat cheese – for a good while now (over 70 years!) and it’s having a foot in both camps that has helped us stay at the sharp end of the healthy cheese market in the UK. It’s a simple equation:

Years of cheese making knowledge + desire to create healthy cheese that actually tastes, cooks and looks like standard Cheddar + product research & development + current UK health trends and Government guidelines = Cheeky Cow half fat, low salt mature cheese and Eatwell Half Fat Low Salt Mature Cheese.

In Cheeky Cow, we’ve created a Farmhouse Cheddar style cheese (cheddar in every way apart from moisture levels!) that looks, cooks and tastes like its older cousin, traditional cheddar cheese. At only half the fat, it goes even further when it comes to health benefits – Cheeky Cow packs-in 19% more protein and 14% more calcium than that of a standard cheddar (2015 update: Cheeky Cow Cheese now also contains 30% less salt!).

While Cheeky is aimed at end consumers, we’re also working extremely closely with the catering and hospitality sector to provide a cheese that is an every-day healthy replacement for its fuller figured cheddar cousins. We’re also determined to help caterers across the UK serve up tasty cheese dishes with less calries and salt.

So watch this space…things are about to get interesting! mooo