About Cheeky

Cheeky Cow Half Fat Cheese Cheeky Cow cheese is Vegetarian Society Approved We’re not just another British Cheddar cheese maker!

Cheeky Cow is the result of years of experience making the finest quality Cheddar. She’s a new era of healthy cheese and she’s winning plenty of awards, even beating reduced fat cheddar alternatives (Devon County Show 2014).

Don’t think rubbery and tasteless – we’re not in that game. Think healthy, tasty cheese with all the texture, flavour & functionality of full fat cheddar but with only half the fat, plus less salt. 

Some cheese lovers looking for a healthy alternative might just call all this a winning combination!

“Cheeky Cow Half Fat cheese is also LACTOSE FREE* and an official VEGETARIAN SOCIETY APPROVED product”

Price & health benefits

Cheeky is priced in line with standard cheddars so all you luverly parents and cheese lovers can enjoy a genuinely tasty and healthy alternative to full fat Cheddar without hitting your wallets…proper job and proper tasty!

Get a hoof of this though…eating healthy, half fat cheese can help overall family health as proven by a recent study that found a family of 4 switching to half fat mature cheese from full fat cheddar for 12 months will consume:

    • 17,870 fewer calories per year
    • 2.06kgs less fat per year
    • 1.29kgs less saturated fat per year
Cheeky’s Vital Nutritional Stats 

CALORIE CLOUD We don’t take fat out of the process…we simply don’t put it in thanks to using semi skimmed rather than full fat milk. This means Cheeky Cow gives you a great Calcium and protein hit but with lower calories (just 80 per 30g), 50% less fat and 30% less salt versus a standard cheddar.

Basically, Cheeky’s vital stats impress the socks off everyone who tries her, which is why we like to call her our little ‘goodness smuggler’!

Nutrition: Typical Analysis per 100g
  Cheeky Cow Cheese Standard Cheddar Cheese
Energy 1109kJ / 265 kcal 1653kJ / 399 kcal
Fat 15.8g 33g
Of which Saturates 9.9g 20.6g
Carbohydrates <0.5g <0.5g
Of which Sugars <0.5g <0.5g
Protein 30.4g 25.3g
Salt 1.3g 1.7g
Calcium 840mg (105% Nutrient Reference Value) 740mg (93% Nutrient Reference Value)

Cheeky’s ingredients: 

Milk, Suprasel® OneGrain® (salt, potassium chloride, yeast extract).
Cheeky Cow is packaged in a protective atmosphere

Lactose Free 

Cheeky Cow is made using starter cultures which use up all the lactose leaving our cheese naturally LACTOSE FREE. To confirm this with test our cheese for lactose down to levels of 0.002%.

Cheeky Cow Grated & Cheese Sticks 

Cheeky Cow Grated is ideal for sprinkling over any dish you have created, packed with protein & calcium for hungry small and big kids alike!

For anyone following a Slimming World diet,  we just happen to have this insight from a Slimming World consultant and Team Developer:

“I particularly liked the cheese as we can only have 40g of low fat cheddar per day. Having it grated is also great as you seem to get a lot of cheese for your 40gs”.

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